Huron is an exploration driven company pursuing organic growth through the drill-bit. Our execution strategy is designed to maximize shareholder value by:

  • Recruiting the best possible team, with the technical knowledge to identify and develop unconventional reservoirs using the latest technologies
  • Ensuring the health and safety of all our stakeholders
  • Maintaining a clean balance sheet and ensuring sufficient capital in place for both exploration and subsequent development
  • Minimizing risked capital through a disciplined and incremental approach to evaluating and developing our asset base
  • Utilizing a structured prospect evaluation process.

Our evaluation process provides a roadmap to a disciplined approach to evaluating each prospect and maturing it into a viable development opportunity:

  • Significant development potential
    • New geological opportunities, but within known hydrocarbon trends
    • Multi-zone potential
    • Large undeveloped land mass
    • Minimum well deliverabilities based on predetermined type curves
  • First mover and affordable entry points
  • High netbacks
  • Operatorship
  • Individual project IRRs that exceed our cost of capital